Our  History

How it all started...

The Bradley Baptist Church was organized August 18, 1891, in a meeting held in the school house at Wayside, GA. and was first known by the name of Wayside Baptist Church.
Presenting their letters for church membership were Mrs. C. M. Little, William E. Whitehead and Mrs. William E. Whitehead. On these letters the three named person were constituted into a Missionary Baptist church and recognized as such when the hand and fellowship was extended to them by the Presbytery which consisted of S. A. Burney and J. C. Burton
The growth of the church was slow and it was probably due to that fact that this very small band at Wayside were unable to build a house of worship.
The communities of Bradley and Gray felt the need and desire for a Baptist church more centrally located and a movement was started for that purpose. On the third Sunday in June 1897 , the Wayside Baptist Church resolved to move their place of meeting from Wayside School House to Bradley, and erect a new place of worship at a cost of $800.
A suitable lot at Bradley was donated July 19, 1897, by John W. Bradley.
Under the leadership of Rev. W. F. Wagner, a large substantial frame house was erected that year. The dedication of the church took place on the third Sunday in October 1897. A large congregation assembled for this occasion. Rev. A. J. Moncrief, Macon, GA. preached the dedication sermon.
Following the removal of the church to Bradley there was a noted increase in the church member ship. A report to the Central Association which met with Bradley Baptist Church, September 1898, showed forty-nine active members.
The 1939 roll shows eighty-seven. The present Board of Deacons consisted of A. L. Harris as chairman; B. F. Winters, J. J. Glawson, A. B. Winters and B. J. Glawson. Clerk of the church is A. B. Winters.
Other clerks since organization are; W. H. Whitehead, 1891-1898; M. H. Mullikin, 1897-1904; J. H. C. Ethridge, 1905-1906; B. F. Winters, 1907-1930; A. B. Winters, 1930- __.
The ministers have been; John C. Burton, 1891-1892; E. W. Sammons, 1893-1894, 1900-1904; W. F. Wagner 1895-1898; S. Emmett Stephens, 1899; G. W. Thorpe 1904-1909; A. F. Sellars, 1910; J. P. Lee, Z. T. Weaver, Rev. Hulme, J. J. Winburn, C. D. McDaniel, Rev. Carriion, J. J. Bennette and John Fred Eden , Jr., Rev. Johnson, Rev. Batts.
Early members were: Mrs. C. M. Little, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Whitehead, Mr. and Mrs. ML Mullkin, Mrs. Allie Childs, Ella Green, Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker, w. W. Brown, James Bryant, W. L. Hadaway, Minnie Bryant, Mamie D. Whitehead, J. J. Glawson J. M. Winters, W. P. Winters, H. J. Wheeler, Mrs. J. M. Winters, H. J. Winters, J. H. Burney, Mittie Mulligan, Addie Winters, Willie Perry, Joe Bradley, Mrs. WP Winters, Emma Glawson, Cassie Whitehead, Mark C. Greene and W. F. Wagner.
The first and only record book used by the church is a gift from Mrs. C. M. Little.
The Bradley Baptist is the first and only church at Bradley.
The building and nearby cemetery are well kept. In the cemetery rest loyal and faithful Jones County citizens.

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