Week 1

Feb 16, 2022

1. Without prayer the armor of God is not activated.

Prayer is an incredibly important part of the armor of God. Prayer is what takes those pieces and puts them into action. Without it we are not able to tap into and use the parts of the armor like they were intended to be used.


2. “Open war is upon us whether we want to engage it or not.”

We are under attack. Period. "By virtue of your relationship with Jesus Christ you are automatically antagonistic to the things of the enemy.” So it’s not a question of whether or not you are in a battle, the question lies in whether or not you are going to fight and fight correctly in the battle. We need to strap on the armor, act like there is a war going on, and accept the fact that our role in it does make a difference!

3. “People are not your issues.”

The most difficult things in your life are not the “real problem”. The enemy wants you to focus all of your time, energy, efforts, and emotions on your spouse, child, coworker, personal struggle, physical ailment, etc. that is giving you trouble. But behind the problems you can physically see, hear, touch, experience, we have an enemy that is seeking to destroy us. And we have been given the tools to fight him if we will just tap into them!

4. “The enemy wants…

– us unstable.”

– your mind and heart in a state of utter peace lessness riddled with chaos and confusion.”

– your most vital and potent relationships divided with discord and dissension.”

– us lulled to spiritual sleep with apathy and indifference.”

…all so that we are not living a victorious and abundant life.”


5. It is time to let him know that we are tired of him messing up our stuff!

We want the enemy to know that we are fully aware of who is responsible for what is going on in our lives and we are done letting him do it! We see him and we are not afraid to fight the battle!

6. The victory is ours through Jesus Christ!

It is done! So lets start living victorious lives.